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Welcome to Cyrator, a place for sharing and verifying crypto intel where anyone can earn by writing, curating and moderating crypto content.

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Jump in and start contributing by creating new content or upvoting existing posts. The more you contribute, the more roles you unlock, turning your efforts into earnings and boosting your experience.

You can unlock all three roles by meeting the following requirements, no need to stick to just one!


Curators upvote the best content on the platform and earn by helping quality content stand out


Actively upvote for 10+ days

Hand out 30+ upvotes

Maintain good Reputation Points

Lock 10,000 CURE


Analysts create original content and earn by writing and receiving upvotes from curators


Write 5+ posts

Get upvotes from 5+ unique Curators

Maintain good Reputation Points

Lock 20,000 CURE


Moderators ensure that users on the platform follow the rules. They earn for maintaining community standards


Active Analyst/Curator

Successful history of reports

Maintain Excellent Reputation Points

Voted in by existing Moderators

Lock 100,000 CURE


Upvotes are a key part of Cyrator, helping to discover and promote the best content.


Every day, you get 3 upvotes to award to the content you think deserves it. Quality upvotes can earn you extra rewards, but be smart about it. Spamming or cheating can lead to penalties or even a ban.

You can see how many upvotes you have left at the bottom right of the page.


Every week, top performers earn CURE tokens for their achievements.

Rewards are handed out at the end of the week from designated pools, with a one-week holding period so moderators and bounty hunters can flag any misconduct.

Total Estimate
1,000 CURE
2024 Cyrator - Crypto Research Community

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