The Forge NFT Sale is open 

The Forge could potentially be the best version of a launchpad that has ever existed in the crypto space. Show More

NumerAI is the Kaggle of the decentralized world. Kaggle is a data science challenge platform where millions of data scientist all over the world can compete for cash prize on crunching data of sample data sets from companies. Show More


I thought to share that one of the drivers that made the $RNDR price go up is the partnership with NVIDIA, worlds leading GPU company. Show More

Here I come bringing you Canxium with its offline mining, a unique PoW, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. Show More

BitTensor - $TAO recently made an upgrade to one of their subnet called Corcel Studio Ultra which competes against Midjourney as best of breed in image generation.

I used it to generate the images below with a prompt "Photorealistic images representing decentralized artificial intelligence", overall it is very impressive results that would cost thousands of dollars in the past from a high level artist to generate, now with the power of Generative AI, we get these free in this case within a few seconds. Show More

What do you get when you mix Blockchain + IoT + AI?

Well one thing you will get is NeurAI $XNA. Show More

To start off, I was hesitant. I wasn't completely sure if Pulsechain was the best choice, but now that I understand their intrinsic motivation and the team better, I believe they're the perfect choice! Show More

This one deserves the Spotlight of the week! The forge, a initially controversial evolution of Cyrator got me nervous because it seemed like all would shift to a specific chain and didn't seem advantageous because we're spotted que a few bas the tokenomics. Show More

Morpheus keeps moving, the Decentralized AI with Legendary tech team got all settled for it to release the Fairlunch, Staking sETH into the protocol until May. This locking is to prevent high volatility due to low circulation in the first days of token issuing. Show More

To continue the progress check in my older reviews, i get back to one of my oldest privacy coins passion XHV... Show More


Octa.Space VPN Update (New OctaVPN App coming to iOS)

So while Octa Space has been crushing their Roadmap in all areas, I want to share the most recent OctaVPN updates. Show More


Currently, $XAI is expected to be the project that will attract funds from the GameFi sector to Arbitrum, as the platform previously wasn't particularly prominent in this area. Show More

Starting to buy some STRK here. The general feeling about the airdrop is terrible. However, people said SUI and SEI were done, then it pumped. Show More


$APE DAO has approved a proposal to establish Apechain, which will use the APE token as the native token for gas fees and transaction fees on the Apechain platform. Show More


Quick update on $STRK

They're live, and to find on (almost) all better CEXs.

If you had a airdrop, please let me know. Show More

At time of writing $IMX is ranked 22 in market cap on CMC. This is very impressive, for what seems to be just another trilemma solution to Ethereum. Show More

This is an interesting project. It claims to facilitate private transactions on the XRP network and other networks. Show More

This project is going to pump users for cash, like most mobile games on the app stores. That said, there could be an opportunity to make money here. Show More

This is another project that promises "benefits" but the real goal here is to create a central point of control. Show More


Trend and analysis always prove that Central European teams have always been good at building UX/UI friendly products/services across multiple verticals and yet very few of them really value or understand the significance of proper, i repeat, proper storytelling, copywriting, content development and its distribution (paid ads, sponsored articles, influencer marketing and others are aside), these tools are additional elements that amplify the core message. Show More

I updated the WLD token for quite a while and now it made the full patter of the cup n handle and getting to 6+dollars. Show More

Turning $20K of Bitcoin & Ethereum into $1M using Grid-Bots

Last crypto bull run, Bitcoin surged 700% between February 3rd, 2020 ($8,509) and November 8th, 2021 ($69,044). Show More


Monero had a big dump recently and it looks like a good value right now.

Price is near the key $100 level for Monero and you can see how price reacted to this level in the past. Show More

Guide to Staking $ATOM for Those Who Hold $ATOM
  • Step 1: Download the Kelpr wallet onto your device. Remember to securely store the seed phrase to ensure wallet recovery if needed in the future. Show More

In what world does this wallet not receive an allocation? In the world of airdrop fails - STRK, SEI, SUI, ZETA… missing the point completely. Show More

My DePIN of the week is DIMO DIMO acquires your car data, anonymize and sells the aggregate to companies to make better products, optimize services and locations.

Whats the catch ?

Show More

BTC 1 Trillion MCap but Lower Price?

Yes, that's the Headline, how come BTC Total Market Capitalization got to 1 Trillion Dollars in Feb21 with 56k for coin and now with 51.5k ? Show More

Market Makers, what are they?

I think there is a general misconception in the crypto space about what Market Makers are and what they do. Show More

Watch to Earn!

I have mixed feelings reviewing this gig, on one hand they are trying to help social media addicts monetize their time, interesting, and what is the catch? Show More

What Is The Cosmic Secret Every Cryptonaut Must Master?

The Secret Is: When to Sell.

I will be making multiple entries into this captain’s log to help us lock in those galactic gains, as we embark on a mission to demystify the perfect timing for your crypto exits. Show More

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