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#On-Chain Activity

As I had a ruff week, I did not had time to bring the weekly Macro-to-crypto and as most of charts have changed, let's focus on BTC Halving, Miners and Hash dynamics!

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zkHive is a decentralized firewall/anti-virus with social user proof of authencity? Seems a bit in many directions but that's the first project I see aiming at protecting crypto users against the threats of the crypto markets in a way that is similar to an anti-virus/firewalls, so I like it a lot. Show More

ENA token might not have the benefit as much as the pools. From my first glance and a little of due diligence, I perceive the Stablecoin eUSD as having a almost probable working mechanics, if it really works on hedgeing itself with future markets. Show More

D3Young recommended this project to me and I've only had 30 min to do my research, but because I think it's an interesting project I wanted to share what I've found so far. Show More

Getting back to some 'new old things' that I love researching, there are Privacy projects and in my opinion, they're maturing. Show More

  1. What is Shardeum? 🔍 Shardeum is a smart contract platform designed to enhance scalability in blockchain, particularly focusing on compatibility with Ethereum. Show More
  1. SHM Token 💰 You can stake, use for governance, rewards, gas fees, and it also has a transaction fee burning. Show More

Reminder that Bitcoin's halving is already in a week and some hours.

Bitcoin halving is like a special event that happens every 4 years where the reward for creating new bitcoins gets cut in half. Show More


In the DePIN niche, amidst numerous options, I firmly believe that $OCTA stands out as the ultimate choice. Show More


🚀 Empowering Growth: New Main Chain Partnership, Grants, and Seed Sale Launch! 🚀

Main Chain Partnership with MultiversX including Grants

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As I mentioned with my progress review I think SocialFi may likely get its second wind very soon, so I am personally starting to hunt for some cheap tickets and re-engage with the apps again to qualify for their upcoming airdrops. Show More


With v2 of being set to be released the week after the 20th April, I think it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to start interacting with the app again and buying some cheap keys. Show More

Spoiler Alert:

Review is strictly from a user perspective.

I met founding team 2 years ago and a lot has changes since then, team optimized user experience, added more solutions, integrations and coined new term DaaS. Show More

Real World Assets (RWA) Narrative

Hey fellas!

RWAs have recently become one of the most attractive narratives in crypto, with mega-backers such as BlackRock and Coinbase spotting the moves early - as they do. Show More


This week (not sure when) $RLB Rollbit got delisted from Lbank. No warning, nothing. I could withdraw it, but paid over 20% fee. Show More

DeBridge is a bridge technology that relies on market makers instead of actually bridging assets. Much safer than traditional bridges because assets are actually not transferred. Show More


5ire and Brickken have forged a powerful partnership, capitalizing on each other's strengths. This collaboration comes amidst significant developments such as the bullish trends in Avax, the encouraging news from Blackrock regarding RWA, and notable successes like Hacken. Show More

Telecom industry Killer...

Decentralized communications Infrastructure (Web3 CPaaS)

Wait a min, what the hell is dTel, DePin, and why it matters? Show More

The LUNA of this cycle - In A Good Way

ENA - USDe has an extremely similar setup to LUNA-UST back in the 2021 bull cycle. Show More

Ethena ($ENA) introduces a groundbreaking synthetic dollar protocol onto the Ethereum blockchain, with its new breed of stablecoin named $USDe. Show More

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