busy web3 bee
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TA Guru / Crypto, NFT & Web 3.0 tech enthusiast. Works at McDonalds part time during bear markets.
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in WEB 3 to buidl, scale and fundraise
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I've been in the crypto game since 2018. I love to find new low cap gems to invest in and am a big...
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Currently a Crypto Asset Manager. Founded many AI and crypto companies over the years. Few degrees...
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I work as a business analyst at one of the world's top 10 IT companies, and I have accumulated over...
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Just your average crypto enthusiast and occasional evangelist for projects I have an affinity for....
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Antique since 2017. ELI5 Analyst. Tokenomics 101. Research and due diligence before making decisions
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Serial Techpreuner. Developed technical 3D animations for large crypto projects including Polkadot...
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I am a graduate from IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) and have a MS degree in Quantitative...
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10 years+ experience in tech startup companies and 7 years+ experience in crypto fields, feel free to connect:
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I am active in crypto since 2017, first only with trading and the more i started reading about it...
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Focusing on Tokenomics, valuations, and exploring the entire ecosystem
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I love finding emerging opportunities and new tech. Crypto researcher since 2017. Tech professional and trader since 1999. Not financial advice.
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I am an accomplished and passionate Crypto Analyst and Researcher with an impressive track record...
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The true value of Crypto. Discover how to achieve financial freedom with me!
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Co-Founder @ CW Labs
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I see NFTs as a game-changing technology that is making its way into various industries and web3...
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👉 Crypto enthusiast - Hidden gem hunter 👈
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Since 2017, I have been an enthusiastic blockchain believer and supporter of exponential...
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A crypto analyst passionate about product, design, marketing, community, and utility.
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With a decade of experience in the world of investing, I have honed my skills as an astute and...
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“Hi there, I’m a vibrant , fun-loving wife & mama on a mission! I’ve experienced the beautiful...
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I am a Business Analyst and web3 Enthusiast. I have been in the Crypto since 2020. I am very...
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Crypto, Market Education, Analysis, and Predictions
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Co-founder @ Lydian Labs
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my size is not size.
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Web3 Builder, DAO Specialist, Blockchain Educator and Local Advocate since 2015
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Apologies for the formatting, and at least the links are in here if you want to verify my...
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Making Web3 tech accessible through storytelling
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Follow the Yellow Bitcoin
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Digital Assets Research Analyst at a DeFi Analytics Startup
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Crypto enthusiast since 2019. Navigating the realms of decentralized applications, smart contracts, decentralized finance (DeFi), and the disruptive potential of Web 3.
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Blockchain and Web3 Recruitment @ | Angel Investor - Crypto Start-Ups
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CEO @ | Partner @ Lambda Society
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WEB 3 Explorer, NFT addict, Researching why DeFi matters
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Founder of CryptoBlock. Explain complex technologies in simple words.
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I'm a season professional that have worked many years on different technologies. Now I work mainly with Big Data and AI.
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Just another cryptominded fellow who enjoys talking about, getting into new projects and helping bring crypto to everyone as easy as possible.
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Hey I'm Jamie and I review a variety of crypto projects.
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I am engaged in conducting in-depth research on cryptocurrency projects and have a strong passion for data analysis.
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Hey there, I'm a blockchain buff who's been in the game for a while now and currently working on...
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Trader from Slovenia. I worked in finance for 3 years and in DeFi for 2 years. Currently, I am...
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Gamer, trying to get into crypto. Made a couple of X's, hopefully not just luck😂.
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web3 creative
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Defi Gaming Enthusiast
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Think of me as Smaug for #web3, #crypto, #growth, and #digitalstrategy but instead of hoarding information, I share it. Director of Blockchain Games Turkey
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Social Media Growth Hacker, Super Connector, Web3 Advisor/Marketer
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I review security aspects and user experience potential of projects. Maybe sometimes throw in a little tokenomics too.
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