Acquire.Fi is a web3 alternative to, which is a very useful website for buying small companies. While, I have been looking to buy some profitable companies on for 2 years, the good deals are hard to find, and when it comes to I would say the current deals on their platform are all @%$@#%@^. The metrics seems all incorrect, which lead me to believe their due diligence is not up to par. How can you have a company with $150K of TTM and $450K of profits??? Someone needs to go back to basic accounting principles where profits has to be always inferior to revenues.

I still give it a 4 stars because I sincerely hope I can one day use my BTC/ETH collateral on Aave to take a USDT loan to buy profitable businesses. While, they claim they had $7M of deals completed, I suspect it was @$@%^ to fake it until you make it. With that said I believe they still have a chance to make it, so I'm hoping we will see real and strong deals coming through at some point soon. Show Less

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