In all fairness, it's hard to say how good this service is without actually using it. It's also a very complex space and buying/selling Web3 businesses is a new thing. But going through the website doesn't give me a lot of confidence.

The part about facilitating buying/selling of businesses looks great. Having escrow for that type of thing is valuable. If their solution works as well as they predict, then this will be a valuable service.

However, I'm not too sure about some of their other offerings like fractional business ownership. If I was a buyer or seller of a business, I might be a little worried that Acquire has just taken control of the business by managing ownership. So a potential downside there.

This might be a minor glitch, but all of the LinkedIn links for the Core Team link back to the homepage. Doesn't build a lot of confidence in their project.

Crypto Rookies has also pointed out some of their major numbers don't add up. I'm not into buying/selling businesses, so I think that it's worth looking into what CR is saying here.

In summary, this project has a great use case. Since they are targeting Web3 businesses, they might also be early to the game. So I"m positive overall, but barely. Show Less

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