Athir is launching "APhone" as The World's First Decentralized SmartPhone

I can't tell if this is awesome or terrible..

  • APhone says they created a decentralized Phone OS that can run on any device.
  • Data is stored on many nodes (decentralised)
  • Processing happens in the cloud, so you can play any game even with a slow device
  • They say you can install APhone on any device and it will give you the same performance as a top notch smart phone.
  • The price would be much less than 1 SOL which would make it very affordable for developing countries
  • On top of that, it will make it a lot easier to use crypto

I got an invite code to try the app and clicked around a bit (see screenshots). It definitely does not feel fast. Feels like using a cheap $100 phone with laggy scroll. But at least the apps seem to work.

I can see use cases like for an anonymous phone. If this truly runs on decentralized infrastructure, then it might be pretty cool. But performance needs to improve first, which might take years.

At this point is sounds like an idealistic idea executed with a rough prototype. i wouldn't jump on the bandwagon.

Links: Medium: https://medium.com/@aphonelabs/what-is-aphone-introducing-the-worlds-first-affordable-decentralized-smartphone-a349294ef3cf Website: https://app.aphone.com/ Show Less

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