--- old --- Did Aethir just dropped the bomb? (it's called APhone)

APhone is turning any old device into a powerhouse for gaming, Web3 dApps, and crypto farming.

Of course, it's not a totally original idea, but it’s putting old phones to good use! My non-existing nephew might be able to farm game tokens for me in the future, lol.

But will the internet speed on older phones be able to handle the amount of read/write data, though?

Normal people's home internet is still struggling with this kind of feature using 5G routers.

If they're working with Rive and Spline for cloud-based graphics, we might see some scalability here.

But hey, the concept is already well-known from Geforce Now. This might actually be a hit. And having a global-scale phone service is not such a bad idea. I can't really see many people benefit from this yet tho.

I'm not able to gain access to the app just yet, but I can guess what it'd be like. This makes me wonder if anybody out there is doing a similar thing with ChromeOS but on phones.

--- Edited --- This is a phone simulator for an Android phone. Running Android 10. They run the os on VM and stream the phone to the App client The experience isn't so smooth, I think you'll need to wire the old phone to Ethernet port to use this app smoothly.... Show Less

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