I often feel like I am playing catch up in a Crypto market that races from one narrative to the next. Aggregata fits nicely into 2 current narratives, namely AI and DePIN. Aggregata was recently launched (March 2024) and has the support of BNB accelerator program, I finally feel that I am not too late, in fact we maybe a little too early.

Launched with the vision of integrating AI and decentralized storage to redefine the use and ownership of AI data. • The Extension is already available in the play store (see link on website) and is simple, easy and fast to add to chrome web browser. • Aggregata’s pop-up on the right side of the screen allows you to connect wallet, and simply select past ChatGPT searches or chat threads from your history to upload to aggregate. • Once selected and signed in wallet, aggregate shows rewards balance point per chat shared.

While the website shows a very promising project, there are several items that need to be address in order to build confidence in their product.

1 - the financial model, tokenomics, point rewards system and schedule are not clearly defined 2 - Team members remain anonymous and roadmap of deliverables is not readily available 3 - it is not specific or clear, regarding privacy and sharing of personal data

Aggregata is currently running incentivized Beta test with Point rewards system…it maybe worth collecting the points but it is hard to evaluate the value of contributions at this early stage… one to keep an eye on. Show Less

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