AIOZ Network Staking

I am a long term believer in this protocol, and staking is a small part that we can each play in securing the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure.

Initially – you need to check where your tokens are. Also which block chain they are on because AIOZ has their own mainnet and you may need to transfer from ETH or BNB Network

What it looks like for me;

  1. Go to AIOZ wallet and connect wallet
  2. It asks me to switch network (but first time users it may ask if you want to download the AIOZ Mainnet This can be found and verified on
  3. Once connected to the AIOZ wallet you will see BRIDGE where you can transfer AIOZ tokens from BNB or ETH Networks.
  4. Once Bridged your assets should show up in ACCOUNT
  5. For Staking - Click on the STAKING link shows you a selection of validators to whom you can delegate your Tokens

IMPORTANT Note - Staking will lock your funds for 28 days - To unlock your funds, you will need to undelegate your staked assets. The undelegation process will take 28 days to complete. And APY is variable and ranges around 9-12%

  1. Once you have skated, you can come back every week and compound the staking rewards

Staking History found at the bottom of Staking page

For believers in Long-Term growth and stability of AIOZ Network, I think this is a great way to show support for the project. Show Less

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