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Alkimi has taken on of the most controversial industries in human civlization — Advertising.

In traditional advertising, money is lost in a few ways: ad fraud (fake webpages, click bots, ad stacking etc), intermediaries taking small cuts, money is literally lost (completely untrackable), and high server costs.

Alkimi uses blockchain technology to streamline the ad delivery process. Resulting in massively increased transparency, fewer intermediaries, low server costs, and money cannot be lost - ever.

Story and ethos

Website has drastically changed and now looks way more impressive, one thing makes me tick is project was born out of witnessing the pitfalls of the traditional programmatic advertising industry, our founders embarked on a mission to revolutionize it.

While researching, reading and looking at podcast, it makes it clear that nothing is more admiring and inspiring than solution based on personal pain, great work.

Alkimi Labs

Labs is a power house that makes project work, Alkimi Labs is community platform to get involved in the $ADS ecosystem.

Community of validators, who run and validate ad auctions make whole system work and very well detailed description can be found here:

Branding, Socials and Content

Across all fronts team has done a great job of making a consistency a priority, social media outlets and content compliment one another, reading, feel is quite easy to understand, from time to time there are technical terms for those who want to dive and dig deeper and yet, big picture is always clear.

Lab talks

I like the idea and the positioning of Lab talks within website, it`s not just spotify, youtube, or link to take to another browser, very stylish, great lesson, i may even think of incorporating this approach in our website.

Informative and short keynote:

P.S. I have not used the tool yet, but plan to experiment with one of our projects very shortly. Show Less

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