Like many, I have been chased from Binance to ByBit and now pushed the DEX platforms to avoid KYC. Mind you, I’m not avoiding KYC for nefarious reasons, simply a US Citizen, and for some reason, the US Government only allows me to risk my money on lottery tickets and casino gambling.

The platform seems to have all the functionality “most” would be looking for in leverage trading.

Multi-chain support is nice. I had $50 in USDC on Polygon, so I switched chains, made a deposit easy-peasy, and opened a position on BTC, all in a few minutes.

My quick 10-minute initial observations (based on my trading preferences)

  • Level is only 30x on BTC. I normally trade a bit riskier with 50x.
  • There seems only to be cross-collateral. I prefer Isolated.
  • It seems you can only place one TP. I often use 2 or 3 TPs.
  • It does support conditional limit/market orders, which is very cool.

Apex seems like a solid Perpetual DEX trading platform with a good selection of tokens to trade.

My biggest wish is for Futures to make it to DEX trading platforms so you don't have to pay the funding fees every 8 hours on the Perpetuals. I sometimes sit in positions for days waiting for an exit. Show Less

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