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ASTAR is a humongous multi-chain smart contract hub in Japan, it has been backed by prominent backers including Binance Labs, Coinbase, Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Huobi ventures to mention a few.

World class entities including Microsoft, SoftBank, AWS, Fujitsu, local governments are teaming up to work with ASTAR making it Japan's go to public blockchain to work with.

The scope and scale of the project requires clear communication, well organized structure and lots of content work. I had a chance to spare some time to walk thru their digital strategy, some of the findings that i found:


Listed entities and accolades on the website along with the scale of the projects gives first goosebumps, something like what I had when reading Ethereum`s vision, cosmos network, Binance to name a few.

Well described roadmap and infrastructure, developer toolkit, especially community related section shows the significant emphasis that team has put to show their support and commitment.

Astar Japan Lab page is a well thought out marketing and PR section showcasing partnerships, portfolio and conveys the promiseland for those interested in or thinking of working with Astra.

Social Media:

Twitter — ASTAR encapsulates all activities across its ecosystem supporting projects building on its chain, keeping a community informed about all updates, partnerships, changes and improvements in the ecosystem, twitter spaces (AMA sessions) and most importantly, support from the Polkadot community and ecosystem is an additional perk that fuels the engine to keep on building. Personally, by watching the twitter page of the project I could learn a lot from.

Telegram VS Discord — Telegram strategy is a replication of Twitter strategy for making announcements, weekly updates with hyperlinks, not much activities, there is no telegram community, discord is the only channel for users to mingle, discord is a multi-language server and well maintained.

Medium — ASTAR uses the same strategy that Cosmos does, allowing multiple writers to contribute and keep page consistent and content enriched which i appreciate and support. Youtube — this medium has lots of tech talks, stories by team, and yet missing engagement or interaction with a community, stories by companies that are successfully building on their chain, how they are driving change in Japan and what it means to the rest of the world. Show Less

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