New Ethereum L2, incubated by Coinbase and built on the open-source Op Stack. Launching on the 9th of August 2023

A project led by Brian Amstrong, founder of Coinbase and crypto industry leader.

Why Building Base?

Coinbase aims to move the world towards having as many useful blockchain-based applications as we have now like Amazon, FB, Uber, and YouTube. With Base, Coinbase wants to create a platform where developers can build customized blockchain solutions and integrate them with Coinbase's existing product suite to a larger user base.

Why Base is important?

  • Bullish for Ethereum. Reinforce its position as a leading blockchain.

  • "bridge". Interoperable with other chains and ecosystems.

  • Huge step forward for layer 2. 2nd major chain built using the Op stack.


  • Empowered by Coinbase

  • Open ecosystem, for everyone

  • Bring a huge number of users (CoinBase has 100M verified users). Aiming 1B+ onboarding.

  • Inherits Ethereum’s security properties

-Gas fees less <$0.01 paid in Eth


  • No native token. Alert for scams

  • Unknown clear roadmap. Many DApps have expressed interest in deploying in Base (picture) Show Less

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