I actually wondered what is the difference between Ethereum and Base and I figured that building on Base and Ethereum are pretty much the same, except for some minor discrepancies that probably only techs and devs understand at once...

I think is important to know that Base has been built on OP stack and designed to be as close to Ethereum as possible. And, when building DApps on Base, take into account the following minor discrepancies.

Opcodes Blocks Network specifications Transaction costs

2 things that caught my eye are:

1. When producing blocks on the Base (picture). It's way faster!

On Ethereum L1, a new block is produced every 12 seconds on average. This means transactions take about 12 seconds to be processed and finalized. While, on Optimism Bedrock, blocks are produced much faster - every 2 seconds. This speeds up how quickly transactions can be completed compared to Ethereum L1.

2. Transactions fees / Base Fee

What is base fee? The base fee is a transaction fee that covers the basic cost of processing your transaction on L2. It's similar to a gas fee on Ethereum Layer 1.

This base fee goes up or down dynamically based on how congested the network is - more demand means a higher base fee. The fee is calculated automatically and is the same for all transactions in a block.

On Optimism, base fees are dynamic and can change more rapidly than on Ethereum Layer 1. They can double in just 14 seconds if the network gets busy. So when you send a transaction, you need to set a high enough max base fee to ensure it gets processed. Even if the current base fee is very low, you have to account for it potentially spiking before your transaction gets picked up.

The key is setting a max base fee limit well above the current level to avoid failed transactions. The total fee is combining the L2 executing fee and L1 data fee.

So far Base, as L2 solution is getting more and more interesting. But many aspects are still pending to be determined as the project has been in testnet for several months, but not launched yet!

For deeper info I think is useful to check the links below:

https://docs.base.org/differences https://community.optimism.io/docs/developers/build/transaction-fees/# https://base.mirror.xyz/ Show Less

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