Great and daring idea to challenge data driven, manipulated the world of social media as we know it and yet how realistic is it next 5 years or 10 to change a human behaviour to use new, decentralized, secure or maybe insecure social media like DBuzz?

DBuzz is a decentralized social media platform built on the Hive blockchain. DBuzz offers Internet users access to Web3 social media, account ownership, and organic information.

DBuzz prides itself with a discovery of real people and natural conversations, instead of the rigged algorithms typically found on Web2, serves people, not advertisers.

In some ways it reminds me Brave browser that became successful, maybe it was good timing, good market, great team and awesome user experience, in case of DBuzz i had challenges signing up, UI/UX needs, social media and community needs total recallibration.

It`s always easier to critisize than taking action, and i admire team that i had pleasure of meeting twice to learn more about their story, despite financial challenges, lack of human resources, gradually growing community, core team members are religiously developing the product with a mission to give users/people priavacy using Hive blockchain.

I hope i`ll be able to change my review and rating of the project in the future. Show Less

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