Flare ($FLR) claims to be the blockchain for data, providing devs with secure, decentralized access to high-integrity data from other blockchains and the internet. Flare is an EVM smart contract platform with two enshrined data acquisition protocols: FTSO and Data Connector.

FTSO The Flare Time Series Oracle is a native oracle for time series data such as cryptocurrency prices. Providing applications on the Flare network with rapidly updating and highly decentralized data, no single party is in control of the process and takes a very large amount of effort to disrupt.

Data Connector The FLR Data Connector is able to reach consensus on information from external blockchains and the internet, so that it can be used securely and trustlessly by smart contracts on Flare.

Important features that allow Flare to “expand the utility of blockchain” include:

  • Decentralized bridging
  • State acquisition from connected chains
  • Web2 data APIs
  • Enshrined oracles
  • Data access for free

The Flare ecosystem includes notable names such as Google Cloud, Fireblocks, Blockdaemon, Ankr, Arkham, and Covalent. Their social media is impressive and covers almost every channel, from Reddit to IG.

The June Ecosystem Recap on Twitter Spaces can be found here: https://x.com/i/spaces/1ynJOyBzVLWKR

Overall exciting project with good progress in dictators, but nothing that screams unique value proposition like other data-centric projects such as Supra or Nillion. Show Less

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