If you ever are on the Solana blockchain then you most know Jupiter, its a Dex aggrigator. when you trade it checks all the available pools on the blockchain and searches the best conversion for you (sometimes by chopping it up in smaller pieces and running it through multiple pools. (no problem if transaction costs are low ;))

added in the last months :

  • Limit orders (put a sale order onchain at a certain pricepoint)
  • DCA (add a bag of USDC and a timeframe and let the escrow buy a portion at the same time interval (minutes, days, hours, days, weeks, months)
  • Bridge (it doesnt have its own bridge but like with the Agrrigator it checks the available bridges and gives the best way of entrance ( Aallbridge, Mayan and deBridge)
  • Perpetuals ( leveraged trading up to 100x on Solana, wETH and wBTC

The project is building useful functions and will soon launch their own token. They are doing 4 rounds of airdrops, the first round snapshot is already taken but the remaining 3 will come later and my guess it will be distributed on similar fashion, mostly based on volume. Every wallet that ever interacted with their dApp will get a small portion of the tokens (900k+ unique wallets) Show Less

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