You cannot fake contagious & viral enthusiasm!

First, I completely agree with the general sentiments that this is a top-notch community, and my reasoning is aligned with the other analyst…

I give Kaspa FIVE Stars.

Kaspa has Twitter, Telegram & Discord covered (arguably, the three most critical platforms amongst crypto projects) with followers in the low 5-digit range. All three platforms have moderate activity levels and are administered by knowledgeable admins. Their Discord also seems to support over 20 languages actively.

Let me try to add a little different color here and tell you what really stands out.

Most projects use the abovementioned channels to disseminate information and help answer questions. Still, a few projects (Kaspa is one of them) seem to have a “contagious & viral enthusiasm.” Obviously, most projects will try to incubate this, but you cannot artificially create it; it either happens, or it doesn’t.

This enthusiasm was fully displayed when I engaged with them on Discord for wallet support and mining questions. Admins and community members were eager to help and ensure I had a good experience and all the information I needed.

Additionally, what drove this point home was when I reached outside the Kaspa community to a private investment group I belong to. I posted, “What do you guys think about Kaspa?” The thread caught fire for over 30 mins with nothing but great comments…

This project has many enthusiastic ambassadors (make me a +1 now); I’m sure the community will continue to grow as fast as the blockchain! Show Less

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