Kaspa is a BlockDAG, but what the heck is a BlockDAG?

This is a very complex idea, and I will try to answer it as concisely as possible and tell you why I love it!

A BlockDAG is a new hybrid distributed ledger technology that allows multiple blocks to exist in parallel, be sorted in consensus, and then added to the chain.

Kaspa has one of the coolest network tools I have seen. You can watch the BlockDAG live in action.

A picture is worth 1000 words… Check out the Kaspa Graph Inspector

Now that you have a visual sense of what Kaspa is doing let me break down what a DAG is…

Think of a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) data structure as a bunch of data blocks that all point to each other in a specific order with no circular dependencies. The term Directed means the path between nodes goes in one direction. The term Acyclic means they are no loops; in other words, there is no path from a node back to itself through any nodes it points to.

The idea of combining two previously unique distributed ledger technologies makes this project not just theoretically fascinating but also potentially game-changing. The ability to process and order many parallel blocks and then add them to the blockchain with instant transaction confirmation (via their very slick consensus algorithm) makes this L1 a serious contender. This may turn out to be a better approach than sharding!

I give this idea FIVE Stars.

No smart contracts are available right now, so no DApps are in development. The smart contracts are on the roadmap, and for now, many are touting Kaspa as simply “crypto silver” and a payment token, but the real test will come when the ecosystem is built out, and some real stress is placed on the network with hundreds of DApps. Show Less

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