1- RUST REWRITE: In progress. Dev statement: "I believe the vast majority of this task can be done in 4-6 months of full-time development. Obviously, such a heavy effort requires appropriate funding and well-defined milestones, as well as a community appointed trust group (/the devfund committee excluding myself) to manage and monitor the process. I call the community to discuss this initiative and its value, and to find ways to compensate and encourage this effort, which I believe to be vital for Kaspa's long-term ambitions." Consensus core (done), RPC Infrastructure (done), P2P Infrastructure (nearing completion), Script engine (nearing completion), Pruning support (in progress), Mining rules (pending).

2- DAGKNIGHT PROTOCOL: In progress. Estimate 7–9 month completion.

3- MOBILE WALLET: Nearing completion. Currently conducting user acceptance testing.

4- LEDGER WALLET: In development. Estimate 2 month completion.

5- SMART CONTRACTS: Exploratory phase. Likely after RUST/DK deployments.

These changes are all community funded and represent a strong conviction from the investors. While I do not have examples of missed timelines/deliverables, a lack of fully dedicated resources is certainly a risk to progress should be considered. Therefore I have rated this a 4. Show Less

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