There are wallets, and then there is KDX!

Kaspa has 3 different wallets, but most users will not use the Kaspa Command Line Wallet which is mainly aimed at advanced node operators and miners.

I have given the other two wallets a test drive for this review and they both are FIVE Star!

The wallet most users will want to select will be the Kaspa Web/Mobile Wallet. It is very friendly, and with a couple of clicks you can set a password and generate a 12-word seed phrase, and you are off and using this wallet.

Kaspa Web/Mobile Wallet Pros:

  • The wallet address and QR code are clearly presented (no hunting for them)

  • The transactions are displayed right on the front page

  • There are very intuitive and easy-to-use features under the wallet settings like exporting transactions, seed backup, recovery, and more.

The second wallet I tested and reviewed is called the KDX (it's the acronym for Kaspa Desktop eXperience) is a 3-in-1 GUI utility that combines all three of Kaspa's main components (a node, a wallet, and a miner) into a single GUI-based facility.

Let me clarify that there is an emphasis on the “eXperience.” When you set this wallet up on Windows or Mac, it defaults to you running a node! This is very cool!

You can also set it up as Node + a CPU or GPU miner, but this is not recommended based on the required hash rate to mine blocks. I recommend you take the default “Node” configuration. Side Note: If you do want to mine, it is advised that you use a dedicated mining rig.

Kaspa Desktop eXperience Pros:

  • This awesome desktop wallet is actually a full Kaspa node!

  • Compatible with Kaspa Web/Mobile Wallet 12 seed phrase so that you can run both with the same wallet seed phrase.

  • Great interface with all the network technicals at a glance, such as the blockchain size, latency, difficulty, etc.

  • Easy access to your wallet (similar to the web/mobile wallet)

Kaspa Desktop eXperience Cons:

  • Not for everyone and can be intimidating to new users, but the KDX is not really for novice users.

  • It required a full “sync” when you first install to see your wallet balance (can take 20 mins to 2 hours depending on HW)

  • Only supports one seed, so if you run multiple wallets (with different seeds), you need to switch between them manually.

So no matter what technical level of wallet and interaction with the blockchain you are looking for, it seems Kaspa has you covered! Show Less

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