Kaspa requires its own wallet and they have 3 wallets available as well as a block explorer. It’s a POW chain mined with KHeavyHash algorithm which supports GPOP and FPGA mining using common GPUs. It can be mined on 4 major mining platforms: BZ miner, SRB miner, Lolminer as well as their own Kaspa miner. KHeavyHash is supposed to be more efficient than Bitcoins SHA-256. It’s an alternative for former Ethereum miners. They claim to be the fastest and most scalable instant confirmation transaction layer ever built on a POW engine. While traditional blockchains tend to suffer from security-scalability-decentralization tradeoff, whereas they have to limit their block creation rate to limit orphan blocks during the the time it takes for the latent block to be propagated across the network. Their GhostDAG consensus protocol uses a ‘novel greedy’ algorithm that circumvents this and allows faster scaling. I find the technology here really interesting if it can truly stand the test of scaling. Show Less

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