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Over the Reality - $OVR is a mapping system for the real world that reward "mappers" with digital currency. My question is wether or not the mapping technology is as good as Google maps, if it's better than sure I can see value. If the mapping is inferior because people map areas with their phone, then not sure there would be any real life services paying for the map data except if it's geographies currently not covered by Google Maps. The project wants to overlay digital arts and branding in that Metaverse of the real world... I feel this will fall short if there are barely any users spending time in that Metaverse, I don't really see a usecase in 2023, maybe in 2030 or 2040.

Assuming market adoption will follow a quick hype curve and die off from lack of engagement, I'd say borrowing some aspects of MEME coins would potentially make sense. What makes some MEME coins valuable is the trading volume generated from attracting very large amount of users and traders. Volatility let traders make money if the trading chart is predictable. If the project attempt to engineer a great trading experience for the token, then maybe it can resist the collapse. Show Less

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