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Polygon (MATIC): A Safe Play With Good Upside Potential.

Max Supply: 10B Circulating Supply: 9B (Good! See Below…) Market Cap: 9.6B (Ranked #9) All-Time High (ATH): $2.92 (-63%) Dec 2021 *Recent All-Time Low (ATL): $0.38 (~3x) Jun 2022 (*Note: The recent ATL is used instead of the technical ATL from before the run in Jan 2021, which was around 300x! See Pic for reference.)

Currently, $MATIC is down about 31% from its recent high of $1.55 two weeks ago. However, many tokens are experiencing similar market conditions, so this is likely not specific to Polygon.

What do I like about Polygon (MATIC):

  • With over 1B total value locked (TVL), it is ranked #5 across all chains.

  • With around 380 protocols running on Polygon, it is ranked #3 behind BSC and Ethereum.

  • Big-name brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Meta Platforms, JPMorgan, and Starbucks have entered various partnerships with Polygon over the last year.

  • Polygon is gaining momentum in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with support from brands like Adidas, Prada, and Nike.

  • Polygon is also gaining momentum in the GameFi field with games like Planet XI, which has over 67M sitting on Polygon.

  • It is a proof-of-stake blockchain, making it more environmentally friendly, with a goal of going carbon-negative in the near term and "climate positive" in the future.

  • The remaining 10% of MATIC will enter the supply at a dwindling rate until 2026.

  • Polygon developers introduced a proposal that would take a portion of fees on the network and permanently remove MATIC coins from circulation, which, if implemented, could have a deflationary impact on the token's price.

There are many opinions on Polygon price predictions over the next 2 to 5 years, but most are positive. While there is no consensus about MATIC going to $5 or $10+, there is full agreement that it will not return to zero. Show Less

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