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A Brilliant Marketing Partnership...

As pointed out in the following review from vovj_p, Polygon's brand marketing is already packed with world-class names like Nike, Disney, and the NFL. However, the most recently announced partnership (in February 2023) is likely to fly under the radar, but it has the potential to be as big as any of the others...

Have you heard about I'm guessing not... is what happens when the leading media and entertainment company (Shemaroo) in the world's most populous country (India) decides to create an NFT marketplace that will be exclusively on the Polygon network.

"We are delighted to now be associated with Shemaroo, a name synonymous with Bollywood. Together, I am confident we will be able to connect NFTs to a loyal and enthusiastic audience," said Kelly DiGregorio, VP & Global Head of Entertainment at Polygon Studios.

So, why do I think this can be pretty big? India has a whopping population of approximately 1.4 billion, which is 17.7% of the world's total population. Shemaroo has been broadcasting in India since 1962 (over 60 years) and penetrates 91% of urban and 60% of rural households. On the very low side, you could say that 50% (about 700 million people) or just under 9% of the world's population have name recognition with Shemaroo, even though you and I likely do not.

How does this compare? Well, Nike has about 100 million consumers, Disney has about 165 million viewers, and the NFL has about 16-17 million viewers.

I think Shemaroo and will be making a big splash soon, and those waves should help raise the tide on the whole Polygon NFT ecosystem, which is already home to some of the biggest NFT projects, such as OpenSea and Magic Eden and hosts more than 500,000 collections. Show Less

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