Powell's Meeting - Highlights and readings

Powell’s Sentiment in the congress had a light of 'Cautious Optimism' He acknowledges progress in controlling inflation and stabilizing the labor market but is careful about potential risks. ⚖️ Something changed? No The balanced approach on data-driven approach to manage monetary policy . 📊🔍

If I could say in one phrase is: data driven for a inflation reading next if not below 2% is what they want. Nothing was told about the workers having two jobs to keep their income, no app working raising.. (sadly)

The other highlights I think is valuable to share:

Housing 🏠 Key Insight: The best way to help housing is by getting inflation down to 2% sustainably so that interest rates can drop. 📉 Inflation 📈 No Rate Cuts Yet: We won't lower the federal funds rate until we're sure inflation is sustainably moving toward 2%. 🛑 Current Status: Inflation has eased over the past years but is still above the 2% goal. 🧐 Economic Situation 📊 Growth: The US economy is expanding at a solid pace, though GDP growth has slowed in the first half of the year. 💪 Demand: Private domestic demand is robust with steady consumer spending. 🛒 Supply: Improving supply conditions have supported resilient demand. 🚛 Labor Market: Labor conditions are back to pre-pandemic levels, showing strong but not overheated job market. 👷‍♂️👩‍💼 Show Less

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