I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hang out in a community where real discussions about the project and the implications of the technology are discussed instead of comments like "wen moon?" and "will there be an airdrop." You can tell, just by spending a few minutes in the Render socials, that the team are clued up about the project and are really excited about the emerging technologies that Render is currently supporting and will be contributing to in the future. It is also clear that the community members themselves are intelligent and curious based on the relevant and thought-provoking questions they are asking. These really are my kind of crypto spaces.

Here is the latest breakdown of community members as of May 2023: 92K twitter nearly 12k telegram 4159 discord

What I also love, apart from the community discussions, is that Render puts its community at the heart of all that it does. For example, in April 2023, at the request of the community, Render launched the Render Network Foundation to increase transparency and push for further decentralisation. As a result, they began transitioning away from the project having one core team (OTOY, Inc) and put the power in the hands of the community.

OTOY plans to retain its Treasury Wallet, which holds approximately 23% of the total supply, to support the Render Network as a corporate sponsor. This sponsorship will contribute to the advancement of emerging technologies such as holographic computing, immersive streaming, artificial intelligence, and lightfield rendering. OTOY will still participate through mediated voting and utilisation of the network for operational needs. However, the company will gradually reduce its ownership over time.

OTOY has provided loans to fund the Foundation, with the expectation that the Foundation will generate sufficient funds through transaction fees and the Foundation will communicate through the Render Network Blog, the RNP Github repo, and the Render Network Twitter account going forward.

An upcoming 'burn and mint' model is also being introduced as a result of a community vote, so I'm looking forward to learning about that in the near future.

This shows such a commitment to the ethos of decentralisation and transparency. 5 stars from me. I really can't wait to see where this project will go in the future.

Refs: https://medium.com/render-token/announcing-the-render-network-foundation-d8ef74c364a1 https://medium.com/@rendertoken https://github.com/rndr-network/RNPs https://twitter.com/RenderToken https://twitter.com/PraveenJandu/status/1617009071621832710?s=20&t=wmUwhB9PGeSF2oh9gk8A1w (burn and mint model) Show Less

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