This project looks like Airbnb or Uber for SERVER - SIDE RENDERING!!!!!!

I am thrilled about this project as I previously co-founded a video streaming startup that was backed by Sequoia. For your information, our world becomes more and more dependent on virtual and visual technology.

Consider Facebook, for example. Can you compare the amount of time users spent on the site in 2013 versus 2023? I am confident that the time spent on the site in 2023 is longer. This is because we are immersed in videos that require a significant amount of computing resources to produce.

So, how much computing power is needed? When you watch a video on YouTube, you see several quality options such as 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, or 4k. This means that for one category, six different versions need to be rendered. And the category mentioned here refers to devices. So, if you render six quality options for Android devices, you also need to render six for iOS devices, six for laptops, and six for TVs to optimize the customer's experience.

Now that you understand the intricacy of rendering, you can see that it requires a costly computer to handle. There are millions of developers who have powerful machines out there, and most of their GPUs remain idle when they are not rendering their own work. Therefore, they built the OctaneRender Cloud (ORC) network, which is a solution for widely accessible, peer-to-peer, cloud-based, and blockchain rendering.

The demand for this project is very promising, and I am excited about their idea. Show Less

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