A real Web3 solution! They saw a problem and they created a solution for it. Render Network is a distributed GPU rendering service on the blockchain. How awesome is that! The digital universe is still expanding with more and better graphics, which require more and higher-end graphics cards to create the end results. Every designer can purchase a high-end rendering server to render their work, but 80% of the time it will not be doing anything as designing things take time and you only need it for the end result. Because the actual designing process can be done at a lower quality to speed up your work process.

Its not the case that a lower end card isnt capable of doing the render but it will take a lot more time to finish this work. Some errors are only visable in a final render. From personal experience I can say, its is annoying if you just did a render, you waited for 8 hours and there is a light flare somewhere that requires you to adjust that part and you need to render the entire animation again. Having access to a network that speeds up your process by chopping your render into little pieces, animation renders are done frame-by-frame so it makes it easy to distribute. For example a standard fps (frame per second) is 30, so 1 minute of animation contains 1800 frames/images. If your relying on a single GPU it will go through them 1 by 1 it will take some time. While here you could distribute to 60 different GPU's and let them all do 30 images and be done 60x faster. THATS A REAL WIN! Show Less

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