Many things happening at Render Network!

Decentralisation progress has been made a few months ago by Render. This is when they launched the Render Network Foundation, which is their DAO structure for community input in future development of their project.

Since then the community had 3 real proposal that they could vote on.

RPN-001 is about the BME ( Burn-and-Mint Equilibrium (see image below)) RPN-002 is by far my favorite! Because this proposal was about moving their future development to Solona. =D very happy that this proposal was approved! RPN-003 was about funding 4.3 mil RNDR towards the foundation.

So their new BME (smart contracs) will be launced on Solana instead of Polygon! Bullish on both RNDR and SOL!

They updated their whitepaper on 27 May 2023, which will become a flexible document that will change according to the community votings Show Less

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