Render provides a space for individuals like you and I to rent out GPUs for operating work. Most people that I know run Nvidia 3070 or 3080s, and their GPU is usually idle as the desktop is spent largely on work instead of gaming/graphic design/world building.

I feel that this actually opens up a larger creative market, as the barrier to entry is significantly lowered - rendering work can be done more easily, and creatives do not have to spend big money on GPUs (an RTX 3090 sets you back around 2.6k USD at current prices) on top of other systems required.

The only issue I see that the project has is that they are scoped into GPU rendering solely limiting their scope, and the limited number of GPU owners limiting scalability - GPU owners might want to be mining BTC instead of renting it out for Render.

An interesting project regardless with huge potential, strong team, and with increasing metaverse potential growth they might be able to see more traction in the mid-long term. Show Less

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