So I recently stumbled across this project and I've to admit that it seems like a slick solution for anyone in the 3D rendering world. Time to say goodbye to those times when your computer sounds like its about to launch to space just to render a 10-min 3D animation LOL.

So the thing about RNDR from a high level overview is that it's practical in a way where it provides alternative accessibility beyond high-end rendering servers, using distributed GPU rendering for maximum efficiency. This saves shit load of time for designers especially when some errors are only visible in the final render, which took few hours to get done, especially when the design process is already long enough.

Now, there's still a catch. While the multi-tier pricing and and burn-mint equilibrium may seem plausible enough, I might still be concern about the whole sending files into the blockchain thing which might hold me back especially when dealing with highly private rendering projects. And if I'd had to pay a fees everytime I re-render after making an edit? Hmm. But hey, if you're involved with 3D stuff and the efficiency it brings outweighs the other concerns, RNDR might just be what you've wanted. Show Less

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