Things can change, specially in Crypto. But if you take community input, things might change in ways the founders never predicted. But personally I think it will help the network in the long run.

On 1st of Febr the Render Network Foundation approved proposal RPN-001. Which involves their new Burn and mint mechanics (BME). These changes will come live after the migration to Solana network.

From that moment there will be a emission schedule that could reward all participants in the network, creators, operators and liquidity providers (see image below) Their theoratical max supply will increase to 644.2m tokens.

Yes its a theoratical supply because it doesnt count the burn mechanics, that is based on network participation. So if the network is used a lot, the token will become deflationary. But if its quiet, the nodes will receive some tokens for being available. This give them the incentive to keep their GPU active in the network, even when there is limited work coming in. So this should provide a more stable supply of computing power. Show Less

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