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The DePIN Narrative - PoW Rebranded

# The Decentralized Uberization of Infrastructure

(or the rebranding of Proof of Work, which is exactly a decentralized physical infrastructure so you can prove a computational hence physical effort. )

The Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN) is one of the 'new' narratives (or just a new acronym?) in which focus on building with what already exists, taking off the private sector from infrastructure initiatives, because the decentralized incumbents may be more cost-effective, more reliant and implemented faster. Well, we may not see it now, but it has everything to do with IOT and how these techs get easily adopted by wider public.

What future implications we have of it?

In the future, some think that we won't own anything and we will just have services.. rented car, internet etc.. But who will own it? Well, with DePIN, everyone will own somethings but the exceeding or unused things may be monetized easily because now we have Blockchain and decentralized ownership needs Web3 Solutions to take place.

Did it started already?

Yes, DePIN is growing with 156 countries participating, 400 thousand IOT devices and a total Market Cap of U$2.9 Billion of Verified Projects as i'm writing and you can chek in DePINscan. Projects Like Filecoin ($FIL), Render ($RNDR) and the revived Helium ($HNT) are top DePIN projects in MarketCap.

What will you make of it?

Check the DePIN projects here in CoinGecko and other 2024's narratives that are coming with the Cyrator Community! Show Less


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