TOP 3 perp-dex exchanges with high potential for Airdrops

The market seems to be relatively dull at this stage, possibly awaiting the Federal Reserve's interest rate announcement at the end of this month. Therefore, I believe this is an opportune time for Airdrop hunting.

I will introduce three major perp-dex exchanges that do not yet have tokens but have the potential for substantial Airdrops. It's important to note that perp-dex exchanges often offer large Airdrops due to their revenue streams from futures fees, funding rates, etc. DYDX, for instance, previously Airdropped a minimum of $3000 per wallet. Hence, I recommend exploring perp-dex platforms for Airdrop opportunities.

  • Hyperliquids: This perp-dex exchange boasts considerable liquidity with a wide range of trading pairs. The Total Value Locked (TVL) currently exceeds $100 million, featuring over 40,000 users and a daily trading volume of approximately $500 million.

Advantages: Low spread, low fees, diverse trading pairs.

Although the backers have not been officially announced, several Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and funds are actively creating vaults to trade on this platform. Given its TVL of $100 million and user base, it may surpass DYDX soon.

  • AEVO: AEVO is a perp-dex on Ethereum and Layer 2 with relatively stable liquidity, albeit fewer trading pairs compared to Hyperliquids. The TVL is close to $50 million, and it has substantial backing from Paradigm, Coinbase, and DragonFly.

The fees on this platform are relatively high, and the spread is also on the higher side. For those interested in farming AEVO, a modest deposit ranging from $30 to $50 should suffice to generate decent trading volume.

Drift: Drift Protocol stands out as the largest Solana-based perp-dex with over $100 million in TVL. Although it has fewer trading pairs and thinner liquidity, it compensates with significant backing from notable investors such as Jump and Multicoin, with an investment of nearly $4 million.

Drift Protocol distributes points weekly to users based on their trading volume, which could potentially serve as the basis for future Airdrops.

Note: These exchanges all offer Retroactive Airdrops, so you need to invest in terms of trading volume and interaction with Dapps (around $50-$100 is suitable). Show Less

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