Justin Sun, the founder of TRON tease people with Gasless Stablecoin by Q4

"Sun claimed that the mechanism would enable the cost of the transfer to be covered by the stablecoins themselves.

This is pretty interesting to think about. Users with smaller transaction will probably be very happy about this. Since they don't have much to risk on."

but this idea doesn't seem like a good deal for big transaction users, since (in my opinion) Big transition will have to pay for the financial difference between currencies, in order to compensate with the gasfee right? Maybe he have a plan to invest pool money on business yield or something....

Of course, tons of smaller transaction might help with the fee but I can't see that happening from the beginning. Someone would have to fund the pool somehow. Maybe they have to trade money with Credit card like privilege or something.

The good side of this is the fact the Cryptocurrency might become more accessible for the mass.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks Kawin for hooking me up with this news. https://www.theblock.co/post/303827/justin-sun-teases-gasless-stablecoin-coming-to-tron-by-end-of-year-with-ethereum-evm-chains-to-follow Show Less

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