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There is a multitude of RWA projects that are currently developing infrastructure, TGE, and funding to address the Real world asset narrative that is inundating the crypto space.

In my exploration, I have discovered that many, if not most, of the RWA plays available in crypto markets are derivatives of RWAs, restricted to accredited investors, or limited to specific regions/locations.

Furthermore, the challenges surrounding certified assets, jurisdiction, legal entities, and ownership of RWAs, as well as the logistics of transfers and real-time price action, remain unresolved in the majority of projects.

However, I recently stumbled upon the RWA.XYZ website, which serves as a treasure trove of research and knowledge pertaining to RWA projects and protocols. For further information, please refer to the details provided below.

Introduction – domain registered 2022-08-10 is a leading analytics company specializing in tokenized real-world assets. The platform provides comprehensive data and analytics on various asset classes, including stablecoins, treasuries, global bonds, private credit, commodities, and stocks. Additionally, offers tools for data integration and analysis, making it a valuable resource for financial professionals and developers.

Company Directory Overview The directory on lists a total of 535 entities involved in the real-world asset tokenization industry 1 This directory serves as a comprehensive resource for users to discover and connect with key players in the market.

Categories The directory is divided into several categories, each representing different types of entities within the tokenization ecosystem:

  1. Tokenization Protocols: 112 entities
  2. Infrastructure & Service Providers: 11 entities
  3. DeFi Protocols: 19 entities
  4. Issuers & Originators: 57 entities

Asset Classes The directory covers a wide range of asset classes, providing data and analytics on each: • Stablecoins • U.S. Treasuries • Global Bonds (BETA) • Private Credit • Commodities (NEW) • Stocks (BETA) • Carbon Credits (Coming Soon) • Private Equity (Coming Soon) • Real Estate (Coming Soon)

Regional Coverage The directory includes entities from various regions, offering a global perspective on the tokenized asset industry. This regional diversity helps users understand the geographical distribution of tokenization efforts and identify potential opportunities in different markets

Data Points The directory provides a range of data points related to each entity, including their role in the tokenization process, the types of assets they deal with, and their geographical location. This detailed information helps users make informed decisions and build connections within the industry

Tokenized Asset Coalition Overview The Tokenized Asset Coalition is an industry group hosted by, aiming to bring the next trillion dollars of assets on-chain through education, advocacy, and building on-chain infrastructure

Mission and Objectives The coalition's mission includes: • Education: Providing resources and information to educate stakeholders about the benefits and processes of real-world asset tokenization • Advocacy: Promoting the adoption of tokenized assets through industry advocacy and policy recommendations • Building: Developing and supporting the infrastructure needed to facilitate the tokenization of real-world assets

Charter Document The Tokenized Asset Coalition Charter outlines the coalition's mission, principles, best practices, and industry recommendations. This document serves as a valuable resource for understanding the governance and objectives of the coalition

Resources The coalition's website provides various resources, including articles, research, and information on key events related to tokenized assets. These resources help stakeholders stay informed about industry developments and best practices

Dashboard Categories's dashboard is divided into several categories, each focusing on a different type of asset. Below is a detailed description of each category:

Stablecoins The stablecoins section provides data and analytics on various stablecoins, which are cryptocurrencies designed to maintain a stable value by being pegged to a reserve asset like the US dollar. This section includes metrics such as market capitalization, trading volume, and price stability

Treasuries The treasuries section offers insights into tokenized government bonds. Users can access data on different treasury securities, including their yields, maturities, and issuance details. This information is crucial for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with low-risk government bonds

Global Bonds The global bonds section covers tokenized bonds from various countries. This section provides data on bond yields, credit ratings, and issuance details, helping investors make informed decisions about international bond investments

Private Credit The private credit section focuses on tokenized private debt instruments. This section includes data on loan terms, interest rates, and borrower information, providing a comprehensive view of the private credit market

Commodities The commodities section offers data on tokenized commodities such as gold, silver, and oil. Users can access information on commodity prices, trading volumes, and market trends, making it easier to invest in these physical assets

Stocks The stocks section provides data on tokenized equities. This section includes metrics such as stock prices, trading volumes, and company financials, allowing users to analyze and invest in tokenized shares of publicly traded companies

Future Offerings plans to expand its offerings to include carbon credits, private equity, and real estate. These future categories will provide data and analytics on these emerging asset classes, further enhancing the platform's comprehensive coverage of tokenized real-world assets

Conclusion is a pioneering analytics company that specializes in tokenized real-world assets. The platform offers a wide range of tools and resources, including a company directory, Excel data downloads, a developer API, and a research blog. The dashboard provides detailed data and analytics on various asset classes, including stablecoins, treasuries, global bonds, private credit, commodities, and stocks. Future offerings will include carbon credits, private equity, and real estate. serves as a valuable resource for financial professionals, developers, and investors, providing them with the data and insights needed to navigate the evolving landscape of tokenized assets. The company operates on a for-profit basis, working with various issuers and companies in the real-world asset industry to provide comprehensive and reliable data. Show Less

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