Weekly M2C - Crypto Futures 3/3 Interesting News

Futures and Options Market πŸ“ˆπŸ“‰

Short Term:

  • LSR: The long and short ratio of investors falls below 1.5, and after weeks at high points, it has its first bullish reading.
  • Open Interest: Open contracts are resuming after zigzagging between $53.5k and $58k, finally starting an accumulation of open interest, adding a Neutral-Positive multiplier factor to the LSR.
  • Retail CVD: Retail's accumulated market orders over the week are in the bearish field.
  • Institutional CVD: Accumulated market orders from large players, after lateralization since April 28, seem to begin consolidation, maintaining a Neutral-Positive bias with possibilities of bottom formation from this perspective.

Futures - Medium and Long Term:

  • Liquidation Maps: Long-term liquidation maps are Neutral. Despite clusters up to $62k, the formation is.
  • MM Gamma: This metric is still forming; however, the visible high exposure below $55k indicates that volatility is going to diminish.


  • Notional Value: The notional value of options decreased in July, having even less impact compared to all futures contracts.
  • BTC Max Pain: The max pain point is at $62k for the end of July. It's worth noting that this pressure is minimal compared to June's expiration.

Link: CoinGlass Options Max Pain Show Less

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