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Yield App ($YLD) is a crypto-earning platform that lets you earn up to 9% APY on popular cryptocurrencies, with the option to lock your tokens for even higher returns.

One of its standout features is the ability to switch between fiat-stablecoin returns or crypto returns based on price volatility, maximizing gains and minimizing risks. This smart strategy can be leveraged by locking and staking $YLD, and setting up automated buy-low/sell-high orders with Yield Pro.

Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  1. Invest: by locking tokens or staking $YLD to earn returns, similar to depositing money in a bank.
  2. Swap to Crypto: to potentially gain higher returns.
  3. Sell for Gains: if the token value increases beyond the expected APY.
  4. Stablecoin Yield: if the token value drops, ensuring a safety net against crypto price fluctuations.
  5. Commit Funds: for a set duration to enable smart hedging and income generation by the platform to be able to return its profits as yield to the investors.
  6. Regulation: Yield App isn’t available to US customers and requires a strict KYC process due to regulatory concerns.

Yield App stands out with its innovative solutions in the crypto-yield industry, offering web3 integration, fiat ramps, financial products, and legal compliance. They are continually adding new products, such as a launchpad initiative, Yield App Labs research and development studio, single and multi-strategy regulated funds, and a host of traditional structured products.

The platform is user-friendly, making it great for new and intermediate investors, and it focuses on security and market-neutral yield strategies.

Key Features

  • Crypto Yield: Easily convert EUR and GBP to crypto and start earning interest right away.
  • High Security: Features like 256-bit encryption and MPC protection ensure your funds are safe.
  • Fiat On/Off Ramps: Convert fiat to crypto directly from your bank account or a virtual IBAN.
  • Structured Products: Advanced users can access higher yields through sophisticated trading strategies.

-- Earning Interest --

Yield App offers three earning programs with different APYs and lock-up periods:

  • Flexible: Unstake anytime with lower APYs.
  • Earn+: Higher rates with a 30-day lock-up.
  • Earn+ 365: The highest rates for a 365-day lock-up, available for top-tier members staking at least 20,000 $YLD.

-- Swapping Assets --

Yield App allows instant swaps between fiat and crypto with no swap fees. You can purchase up to $100k in crypto daily and cash out easily.

Yield Pro

For advanced users, Yield Pro offers structured products using complex trading strategies for higher yields. These include dual currency trades, price range bets, and more, suitable for those familiar with advanced trading techniques.

-- Institutional Services --

Yield App caters to businesses with institutional-grade security and exclusive services, offering up to 9% annual interest on major digital assets.

Asset Safety With Yield App Beyond the technical safekeeping of user assets, it is also important to consider what companies will actually do with your money. This is especially important with earn products that utilize various market strategies to generate yield.

Yield App takes important steps to ensure that user assets are safe and put to work within a reasonable risk profile:

No leverage: According to Yield App, the platform does not use leverage products to boost returns on user assets. On their website, they unequivocally state ‘We never use leverage.” No lending: One of the main ways that financial service providers generate returns is by lending out their clients’ money. Yield App does not use any lending strategies — collateralized or otherwise — to generate yields. Market-neutral strategies: There are many ways to earn returns on capital beyond speculative trading. Yield App employs liquidity providing and large-scale market making to generate returns. These methods usually do not expose funds to the whims of the market.

As an added safety measure, all Yield App trading strategies are checked against a 135-point proprietary risk model or vetted using enhanced due diligence.

Yield Token ($YLD)

Staking $YLD tokens unlocks higher yield rates and other benefits, like VIP support and priority access to new features.

Tokenomics of $YLD

$YLD is the native token of Yield App and serves as the membership token on the platform. Here’s a breakdown of its tokenomics:

  • Total Supply: The total supply of $YLD tokens is capped at 300 million.
  • Distribution: Tokens are distributed among various stakeholders, including team members, investors, and community incentives.
  • Utility: Staking $YLD increases the yield rates on other crypto assets held on the platform. The highest membership tier requires staking at least 20,000 $YLD tokens, unlocking exclusive benefits like VIP support and higher APY rates.
  • Rewards: Users who stake over 1,000 $YLD tokens can earn staking returns on $YLD itself. Locking up $YLD tokens for 12 months can yield even higher returns of up to 12% APY.
  • Burn Mechanism: A portion of $YLD tokens may be periodically burned to manage the circulating supply and potentially increase the token’s value over time.

User Interface and Customer Service

The platform has a straightforward UI with easy navigation and quick access to support via chat, email, or ticket submission. has earned a TrustPilot rating of 4.4 stars.

-- Yield App's Ideal Users: --

  • High Yield Seekers: Ideal for crypto holders wanting high returns.
  • Institutional Investors: Great for businesses managing digital assets.
  • Fiat On-Ramp Needs: Perfect for those needing easy fiat-to-crypto conversions.

-- Yield App doesn't cater to the following user needs: --

  • Altcoin Enthusiasts: Limited support for diversified altcoins.
  • Active Traders and NFT Enthusiasts
  • US Residents

Team was founded by Tim Frost and Justin Wright.

Tim Frost: As the CEO, Tim Frost has led Yield App to serve over 75,000 users and manage $500 million in assets within its first year. With a background in fintech startups, he has held executive positions at EQIBank and WireX since entering the blockchain space in 2015.

Justin Wright: Justin brings extensive experience in finance and management to the team. He has been instrumental in developing the platform’s strategic vision and ensuring its robust financial health.

Final Thoughts

Yield App offers competitive APYs, a user-friendly interface, and strong security measures, making it a solid choice for earning yields on crypto assets, provided your country and desired assets are supported.

Be sure to catch the Yield Pro Insider to stay up to date and learn about the project's latest advancements!

Disclaimers: I do not currently own any $YLD or have any affiliation with the project, its owners or affiliates. The information in this post may contain inaccuracies and is written for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be considered financial advice (TNFA) in any way. Always invest responsibility, and never with what you cannot afford to lose. Show Less


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