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Designer and Crypto enthusiast
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Hey there, I'm a blockchain buff who's been in the game for a while now and currently working on...
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Researching the best issues for human purpose
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Second-time founder within the crypto ecosystem with proven experience generating profit with...
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Passionate about what blockchain can do for humanity while curious to see how humans will use the...
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Gamer, trying to get into crypto. Made a couple of X's, hopefully not just luck­čśé.
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Founder of Connect with me:
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Experience on both Wall Street and crypto. Enjoy reviewing tokenomics and performing analysis in an effort to discover tokens that will stand the test of time
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Think of me as Smaug for #web3, #crypto, #growth, and #digitalstrategy but instead of hoarding information, I share it. Director of Blockchain Games Turkey
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Defi Gaming Enthusiast
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Industrial economist by training, and high-tech entrepreneur by background. Partner at and CEO and Founder at
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Hey there, I'm CryptocuristÔÇöa digital voyager navigating the intricate landscapes of the crypto...
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I am Crypto Expert having more than three years of experience in working with different crypto projects. Marketing Head of Crypto stalkers.
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NFT lover, Crypto Enthusiast, Astronaut, Cosmonaut.
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New in crypto (3 years and counting), and enthusiast about the industry... hope to build a retirement portfolio...
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Self taught coder; learning how to code solidity and other web3 languages; eager to learn and provide value
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Blockchain enthusiast | Web3 builder | Crypto trader
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Traditional finance, blockchain finance explorer
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Reading, exploring and watching the rise of Bitcoin, Smart Contracts and DeFi, projects that...
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Researcher, marketing expert, NFT explorer, and fervent believer in the transformative power of Web3.
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I have a lot of experience in blockchain Social media links.
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newbie crypto market
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Digital Assets Research Analyst at a Web3 startup, been in crypto since late 2021. Seen its up-and-downs and still remains hopeful for the future.
Ceo of Nerf IT! Advisor of many project.
Think things thinking
Community and Marketing Manager.
Game lover. Game lover. There are rumors that he is a giant trying to develop the game industry.
bios are for losers
Professional PUBG esports player with many championships.
Defi project contributor. Stats and smart contract enthusiast.
Entrepreneur and Geek
Gaming lover, HR, Vengeance, Night and BATMAN!
Banker by day, web3 philosopher by night, auntie on Sundays.
I am Mete Ali Ba┼čkaya, a Blockchain and Crypto Lecturer and Professional based in Istanbul, Turkey....
I love blockchain technology and I am always looking forward to learning and sharing my knowledge.
social media specialist
Giving my thoughts about drops and interesting projects. With common effort everyone will make money on crypto!
2 years in cryptocurrency arbitration. Giving my opinion on projects and trying to warn about different types of scam.
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