Led by our outstanding founder, Silvio Micali, we have the following key members in the Algorand team:

1/ Paul Riegle (CPO): Paul has extensive experience leading product strategies for startups and Fortune 25 organizations. Before joining Algorand, he played a key role at Carbon Black, overseeing product management for strategic initiatives generating over $200 million in recurring revenue. He has also held leadership positions at IBM and founded a sales-oriented startup.

2/ Matthew Commons (CFO): Before joining Algorand, he founded and served as the President of Common Partners, an Executive Advisory firm for blockchain and FinTech companies. He also co-founded and was the CEO and Chairman of Cambridge Blockchain Inc., a company that built blockchain products for banks and institutions. Matthew successfully sold Cambridge Blockchain Inc. to Blockchains Inc. in 2020. Earlier in his career, he held financial and strategic positions in cleantech and energy companies such as Ogin, The NorthBridge Group, LS Power Equity Advisors, and American Electric Power.

On top of our key players, we have other reputable members working in the different arms of Advisors, Scientific Advisors and Cryptocurrency Advisors respectively. However, something I would like to specifically highlight would be the onboarding of interns. I love how they welcomed the new interns through Twitter, and also taking the time to nurture the next batch of potential industry leaders! We can also see (as per image attached) that the team has onboarded a diverse group of international students - shows inclusion of multi nationalities to its community. Show Less

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