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#On-Chain Activity

Please bear with me as this is my first "real" On-Chain analysis.

Talking about bears, ALGO currently exhibits a bearish signal, characterized by a high percentage of large holders (76%) and a 0.59 correlation with Bitcoin. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

The on-chain activity of ALGO is of great interest to me. The following are noteworthy:

First, Figure 1 shows that 100% of ALGO holders are now experiencing losses. Show More

Led by our outstanding founder, Silvio Micali, we have the following key members in the Algorand team: Show More

#On-Chain Activity

What I particularly like is that on their AlgoExplorer, they alo show the current circulating supply of $ALGO, on-chain health such as block speed, live TPS, transaction costs, transaction history at a glance and the number of accounts. Show More


The Algorand team is led by Dr. Silvio Micali, who is a world-renowned computer scientist and professor at MIT who has won numerous awards for his contributions to cryptography and computer science. Show More

I have personal knowledge that ALGO is a coin which a few whales are stacking up and accumulating for a long-term investment. Show More

The Algorand idea of addressing the challenge of high computational power in blockchain technology is highly promising and impactful. Show More


In terms of progress, I feel that Algorand is on the right track to making steady improvements to its project. Show More

#On-chain Activity Update

On June 14th, $300M USDC was minted on the Algorand Protocol ($ALGO) by an unidentified wallet for unknown reasons; and so far there has been no media coverage on the matter. Show More


Overall, this is a decent tokenomics setup. I like there is hard cap on the supply, but that might not be the best solution for the primary coin on a network. Show More


The reason I can explain the technology behind ALGO simply is because it's not a new idea. Show More


So, what is the idea behind Algorand? In short, they aim to achieve global trust among trustless parties through blockchain-based decentralization. Show More


Algorand is designed to overcome the blockchain trilemma - security, decentralization, and scalability- all at once. Show More


If I were to be looking as a long term investor, I would definitely be stacking up on Algo and staking them during the bear market, as they show extremely strong fundamentals (strong team, strong technicals) and has a sustainable approach towards their development - something that is always beneficial and I constantly keep a look out for projects if they are paying attention to the impact around them. Show More


Algorand has a HUGE Community and they've been extremely active in updating socials. There is almost never a month in which the community is unsure of what they are focusing on. Show More


Algorand has an impressive team with the founder, Dr Silvo Micali that comes with almost 40 years of experience in Computer Science, being a professor at MIT and also being the co-inventor of ZK-Proofs. Show More


Algorand is a pure proof-of-stake green cryptocurrency with robust security and tps of around 6000 after its September upgrade. Show More


One thing the Algorand team are very good at is frequently updating their various socials pages keeping the ALGO community up to date on news and announcements. Show More


Algorand has been impressive in its development speed and its lack of significant bugs. The mainnet launched very quickly, and the code base which has been publicly released, has been deemed to be well documented and solid by the developer community. Show More


At this point, Algorand appears to be both technically and commercially positioned to be a success in the blockchain space. Show More

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