With 95k twitter followers, Artyfact seems to have amassed an impressive following. While many of the tweets are bots/fake accounts, there does seem to be some genuine engagement.

For example, there are already over 10.5k views on a recent tweet (27 April 23) promoting an upcoming AMA with Certik happening on 16 May 23 (https://twitter.com/artyfact_game/status/1651651194337501191?s=20). I think it's great the team is highlighting to their community that they are serious about security.

Another video of an AMA with Binance and founder Oleg Boytsov was promoted on Twitter (24 April 23. https://twitter.com/artyfact_game/status/1650414759416668160?s=20) with 9k views that stated "we have set a new record for AMA on Binance Live with almost 20k views, 13k comments and 253k likes," Pretty impressive numbers there.

The team are also running a number of competitions with decent rewards for their community. 💰 Prize Pool: 5000 BUSD. 💲 Reward 1: 1500 BUSD for the top 100 referrers. 💲Reward 2: Up to 3,5 BUSD for 1000 valid participants.

The Telegram numbers are even more impressive, with excellent engagement from a community that seems pretty impressed with the game and supportive of the project.

142k Artyfact Global Group 139k Artyfact Announcements Group

They also have a large number of international TG groups, which is a good sign that they are taking a global approach to getting the word out about their project. If they keep up this kind of momentum, they should do very well once the market picks back up. Show Less

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