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Artyfact is a Web3 Metaverse Game with a mission to become the first metaverse that truly combines the best of the AAA and Play-to-Earn worlds using an innovative Play-and-Earn (PAE) economic model that puts gaming experience ahead of earnings


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With 95k twitter followers, Artyfact seems to have amassed an impressive following. While many of the tweets are bots/fake accounts, there does seem to be some genuine engagement. Show More

I advise against getting involved with this project.

I'm not a gamer, so I won't judge the product. Show More


To compare, Illuvium, a solid web3 game dedicated 100% of their profit as a game studio to buyback their token from the market, and their token still underperformed BTC as an investment in the past year (screenshot below). Show More

I was completely repulsed when I saw the section on their website (picture below). Any utility their token may have is now marketed as a security with growth as the primary factor for buying it.... Show More

I believe that the best way to onboard gamers into the metaverse and into gaming, is to make the transition as seemless as possible - that is to say, to let the gamers experience the platform without having the pressure/knowledge of it being a crypto project. Show More


I had a similar feeling like @Crypto Rookies, but it looks like the developers thought a little bit about it. Show More


At the time of writing Artyfact’s Twitter has 95k followers, Discord - 39k, Facebook - 12k, Youtube channel subscribers - 10k. Show More


While there are other concepts like this, Artyfact is the first Metaverse game that is complete and future-proof. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

With all the airdrop posts lately, I got the exclusive Artyfact x OKX Airdrop.

It's the easiest you've done EVER. Show More


If you visit the Artyfact website, you'll notice that the entire team is fully doxxed, with each member's track record visible on LinkedIn. Show More

Artyfact state they put the gaming experience of users ahead of earnings which from the graphics on their demo looks to be true. Show More


Total supply is 25,000,000 ARTY. Build on BNB Smart Chain.

After reviewing the token allocation and use of funds, I have mixed feelings about the Artyfact project. Show More

I recently found Artyfact, a project currently in presale. The stunning graphics caught my attention; it runs on Unreal Engine 5, capable of near-real in-game images. Show More


Oleg Boytsov (CEO & Founder) – claims to have worked on multiple Fintech/Blockchain projects from Europe but I can’t find too much readily available information on these projects he has been involved in. Show More


Edit. Bad news Launch didn't go good for me.. claiming problems because I purchased in the old contract when they were about to go to the new one. Show More


Imo, the community is quite active and pleasant. At the moment, there are already more than 109K followers on Twitter. Show More


With the success of Axie and them recently being launched on Apple App Store (, it would be interesting if the game could have a simplified, mobile version as well that can be compatiable with Trust Wallet or MetaMask, creating possibly a mobile version of Deathmatch. Show More


Firstly, I am impressed that most, if not all of the information are available on their pitchdeck and launchpad website. Show More


The team has managed to gather a strong following as they are constantly updating in the space, and also engage in their community through competitions/airdrops (which are gained mostly through referrers and participation). Show More


Artyfact Teams Up with CODA.

Artyfact recently unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with CODA, a renowned game studio credited with shaping the landscape of gaming through titles like Call of Duty, World of Tanks, and War Robots. Show More

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