At the time of writing Artyfact’s Twitter has 95k followers, Discord - 39k, Facebook - 12k, Youtube channel subscribers - 10k.

Artyfact has managed to grow a fair amount of followers on its socials but its still a long way off when compared to some of its competitors such as Sandbox and Decentraland. Their community and interactions with it have been growing steadily over time and we can see this from the graph below showing their website traffic from January to March this year has over 3x’d in this period of time.

From looking over their socials the community is engaged with the project with genuine talk and comments with members actively participating in discussions despite some of the tweets/messages coming from bot/fake accounts. The team has also hosted a few community events, including competitions, meetups and AMAs (next AMA with the CEO is on the 16th May which I’ll be sure to watch). This has helped to keep the community engaged. The Artyfact community is for sure mostly a positive and supportive culture which is always nice to see especially in a space where there can be a lot of toxicity and tribleness with communities.

Overall the community is a positive one but still needs to become a lot bigger in my opinion to gain enough traction for the game to truly generate the hype and buzz it will need to get to the levels the team has set its sights on, but Artyfact has set a strong foundation to continue to build on and if they deliver with the actual game play itself the community will definitely be poised for continued growth which will generate them the players they need for the game to become a sustained success. Show Less

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