Oleg Boytsov (CEO & Founder) – claims to have worked on multiple Fintech/Blockchain projects from Europe but I can’t find too much readily available information on these projects he has been involved in. The only thing I can confirm is he is the founder of the cryptocurrency hedge fund ‘X8 fund’ but from the below answer in a interview he gave at the end of 2022 I don’t know if I would trust him with my money personally..

Interviewer: ‘What do you reckon the price of Bitcoin will be at the end of this year?'

Oleg Boytsov: ‘I reckon, that even based on technical analysis, if you look at the monthly graph of Bitcoin, the last price drop to $33,000 was nothing but a correction….. and we might see a movement towards the ATH or even higher’

Not the best call for the ages Oleg…

Full interview here if anyone wants to read: https://u.today/exclusive-interview-with-artyfacts-ceo-on-their-gamefi-metaverse-nfts-and-arty-token

Cameron Pino (CMO) - has 20+ years’ experience in building businesses across several sectors from communications, media and online sales. He also is the co-founder and blockchain advisor at York St Capital, an incubator, accelerator and venture fund for blockchain. Strong sales background but he does not seem to have much prior marketing or sales experience within the gaming industry.

Gaurav Solanke (CTO) – has 5+ years in blockchain development and is the co-founder of a Indian based Blockchain software development company called SDLC Corp. It looks like Artyfact are outsourcing the game to Gaurav’s company to build. The company seems to have good amount of experience building Metaverse and web3 projects so they seem capable of developing the game.

Their developer team however is pretty strong and all have the right credentials and experience on paper to build the game most notably Shankar Langote who is one of the guys to lead this development team.

Not the most all star team I have seen especially when it comes to gaming and you compare it to projects such as Gala which have been reviewed recently. I would like to see more direct gaming industry experience from some more none technical members of the leadership team, however the developer team does seem capable enough to execute the technology side of the project well enough.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/olegboytsov/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameron-pino-981ba92b/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/gauravsolanke/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/shankar-langote-296181184/ Show Less

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