I had a similar feeling like @Crypto Rookies, but it looks like the developers thought a little bit about it. As far as I know, they don't accept direct investment offers to bypass their vesting policy. At least when I tried emailing them, I was told that all investments are only accepted through the Launchpad. Also, for people who wouldn't be interested in holding the token but would want to sell it immediately (Influencers, youtubers and others) there is pretty significant vesting. They definitely won't be able to dump everything at once. Naturally this will scare off some investors, but so will speculators, I don't think they'll really be in the mood to speculate on a token with a 12 month vesting lol. I've been following this project for a while and people are actually interested to purchase the token. Even before the socials promotion started, the presale ended pretty quickly. Besides, according to the whitepaper and some posts about tokenomics, the developers are looking serious about keeping the demand for the token alive with token burns as well. I can't say if this will solve the whale problem, but still, once a quarter, the price will be regulated. In my opinion, the main thing is that the game is really funny to play. It's not as important to have crypto in the game as it is to have quality gameplay and balance. Tbh, I have been playing games my whole life, for me the presence of crypto is important in the last place, but I am not saying that I would not be interested to see and play a project like this. Honestly this project inspires me more than the Sandbox and Decentraland, I literally quit them after an hour and forgot about their presence on the PC. The developers are obviously in no hurry to release the game, which in my opinion is a plus because they will have enough time to implement gameplay ideas, tweak the UI, receive and process feedback from the community. I watched the AMA with CEO and I can say with confidence that he does not take his project lightly, I hope the same can be said about the rest of the team. Show Less

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