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Challenges such as centralization, scalability issues, adoption problems, and power consumption lie ahead.

The suggestion is to employ a market approach wherein machines assess each other's intelligence and assign rankings. These rankings are then recorded on a digital ledger, and high-ranking machines are rewarded. The network consists of two layers: the Blockchain layer, responsible for handling consensus and incentives, and the AI layer, where machines interact and share information.

Some concerns arise:

Adoption Overall, the Bittensor Network aims to create a collaborative machine learning market that rewards participants for their valuable contributions, leading to improved machine intelligence. However, the problem lies in its dependency on users and I do not see their reward system being more attractive than mining rewards from e.g. nodes.

Centralized? Their approach is quite centralized due to their collective method of data handling.

Scalability & Power consumption This traditional approach imposes a significant burden in terms of power consumption, and even after two years, they have yet to provide details on how they plan to address scalability at a larger scale. Show Less


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