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Bittensor is an open-source protocol that powers a decentralized, blockchain-based machine learning network


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AI is the popular industry narrative but does it last?

Fundamentally AI and blockchain are very different. Show More

They say Bitcoin has more computing power than the top 500 supercomputers combined. Bittensor aims to build a similarly powerful computer network to run publicly owned AI that could rival existing privately held AI. Show More

BitTensor - $TAO recently made an upgrade to one of their subnet called Corcel Studio Ultra which competes against Midjourney as best of breed in image generation.

I used it to generate the images below with a prompt "Photorealistic images representing decentralized artificial intelligence", overall it is very impressive results that would cost thousands of dollars in the past from a high level artist to generate, now with the power of Generative AI, we get these free in this case within a few seconds. Show More


I didn’t bother to research this project when I first heard of it earlier this year (2023), as AI was in full media hype cycle and it was hard to find the signal in the noise. Show More

A friend of mine just started working at BitTensor. Somehow I had not seen previous reviews until now. Show More

Bittensor has a decent team behind it. According to LinkedIn, there are 14 people working for it. Show More


BitTensor has a pretty strong social media following, as follows:

Twitter - 37.3k Followers Telegram - 2.5k members, 222 online Medium - 194 followers (even with no posts!) Show More

Challenges such as centralization, scalability issues, adoption problems, and power consumption lie ahead. Show More


I wished that the BitTensor team would be available to see on their website, as they are an extremely talented team, and it would be great to always find out more about their team. Show More


I was only able to find the Tokenomics of BitTensor via their 'TaoStats' at the bottom of their site. Show More

BitTensor is an ambitious decentralized machine learning network aiming to collaboratively advance AI through incentive structures. Show More

The project that turns all our computers into a massive AI learning network? The idea of that sounds kinda cool where anyone's and everyone's computers and gaming rigs can work together to crunch numbers and make the existing AI technology even smarter. Show More

Bitensor is a decentralized, blockchain-based machine learning network. The network is designed to train machine learning models collaboratively, and to reward participants in the network with TAO tokens. Show More

The goal of this project is to create a decentralized network where different AI systems can cooperate and be rewarded for providing value to the overall network. Show More

BitTensor's aim of building a mining network via machine learning models and rewarding participants for contributing to machine learning, via complexities and ranking information production (i.e rewards are paid based on how much the machine learning model fulfils the objectives set), and the blockchain layer communicates directly with the AI layer to build a consensus mechanism. Show More

It is hard to make an external assessment of a project that is coming soon in everything which I was looking for on the website. Show More

BitTensor is thus far the best infrastructure to train and operate AI models in a decentralized fashion.

Potential ROI

Looking at the fully diluted market cap and the current available on Tier1 exchanges, I would say we are looking at going from $1.8B currently to $30B to $50B market cap by the peak of the bull run in 2025 (which is my personal estimates which could be widely off). Show More

Bittensor ($TAO) is "pioneering the decentralized production of artificial intelligence", and "the Bittensor protocol establishes a marketplace that transforms machine intelligence into a tradable commodity." Show More

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