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Bittensor ($TAO) is "pioneering the decentralized production of artificial intelligence", and "the Bittensor protocol establishes a marketplace that transforms machine intelligence into a tradable commodity."

TAO are creating the world’s largest AI neural network, that will develop over the years to become one of the most technologically advanced and decentralized, providing strong real world use cases and ready with enterprise integrations with AI solutions for Google & other businesses.

What got me first interested about $TAO was the coin price (currently at $350, down from about $500 when I first saw earlier this year) and so a quick rundown of the Tokenomics might be appropriate here:

  • MCAP $2.43B
  • FDV: $7.38B
  • MCAP/FDV Ratio: 0.33
  • Circ. Supply: 6.9M
  • Max Supply: 21M
  • Conducted a Fair Launch with a 20-year release schedule!

Fundamentals TAO boasts 36 Subnets on Bittensor and claims that 83% of Supply Staked (not verified).

$TAO is used for: AI Network Usage, Governance, Building projects, Payouts and Staking (Utility).

Team of 20+ employees, IBM and Google experience, PHD’s, and were actively hiring during the Bear Market

TAO’s socials are strong, with 73k followers on X and good engagement with over 250 likes per post on average.

Major CEX listings with greatest liquidity in order: Binance,, MEXC, KuCoin,, BitGet BingX, BitMart, and CoinEx.

The roadmap timeline to become one of the smartest AI Neural networks in existence is about 5-10 years, so load up those rocketships 'cuz it's still early dayss...

Official Accounts: and

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